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Zamio Platform Investor Report 2Q 2023: Unveiling the Future of Social Investment Indices (SoIndex)

15.09.2023 Blog

Crypto․com has partnered with Fnatic cryptocurrency platform has partnered with Fnatic. It is a professional esports organization. Details in our article!

20.09.2021 News

Bybit crypto exchange closes in South Korea

Bybit crypto exchange decided to stop working in South Korea. Details in our article!

18.09.2021 News

Laos Allows Cryptocurrency

Laos has begun to gradually legalize cryptocurrency. The government has allowed six companies to legally use the digital currency. Details in our article!

17.09.2021 News

Protests El Salvador

Riots continue in El Salvador against the adoption of the bitcoin law. They are becoming more and more ambitious every day. Details in our article!

16.09.2021 News

Will the US Treasury settle a stablecoin?

15.09.2021 News

India Will Tax Cryptocurrency?

The Indian government has decided not to ban cryptocurrency, but to tax it. Details in our article!

14.09.2021 News

Mastercard acquires CipherTrace

International payment system Mastercard decided to acquire analytical cryptocurrency company CipherTrace. Details in our article!

13.09.2021 News

Rallies in El Salvador against Bitcoin

Since the adoption of the Bitcoin law, the number of rallies has increased in El Salvador. Details in our article!

13.09.2021 News

India will accept cryptocurrency?

Former RBI spokesman spoke at the virtual conference Hodl 2021. Rama Subramaniam Gandhi said that cryptocurrency should be used for payments in economic activities. Details in our article!

10.09.2021 News

Panama will legalize cryptocurrency?

Panama recognizes Bitcoin and Ethereum. Congressman Gabriel Silva announced the bill on Twitter. Details of our article!

09.09.2021 News

SEC threatens to sue Coinbase

The US SEC has decided to sue Coinbase. Usually the commission considered the cryptocurrency profitability program to be a security. Details in our article!

08.09.2021 News

Kaiwon Beikpur hints at imminent adoption of BTC on Twitter

Twitter plans to develop a feature that adds Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to user profiles. Details in our article!

07.09.2021 News

Singapore vs Binance?

On September 5, the site announced that it would suspend trading in SGD pairs and payment options at SGD. Binance will also remove its app from the iOS and Google Play stores in Singapore.

06.09.2021 News

Salvadorans oppose bitcoin law

03.09.2021 News

Binance removes Norwegian krone

Binance has decided to stop supporting NOK trading pairs and NOK payment methods. The exchange has also abandoned offering Norwegian language support on its website. Details in our article!

02.09.2021 News

Ripple asks for data on SEC employees' transactions with digital currencies

The cryptocurrency platform has filed a request for SEC employees’ Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP transaction information. Details in our article!

01.09.2021 News

Till Lindemann will sell his NFT tokens

German vocalist of Rammstein Till Lindemann released an NFT collection featuring videos and images he had taken at the Hermitage museum earlier this year.

31.08.2021 News

Metamask is launching its token?

MetaMask software wallet for cryptocurrency is considering making its own token. This idea was discussed on call with their community. Details in our article!

30.08.2021 News

SEC of Thailand is going to change the rules for the storage of digital assets

Recently, Thailand has been active when it comes to cryptocurrencies. In June, the country's leadership banned meme tokens, NFTs, and applied to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Moreover, the country's leadership has been against the active introduction of decentralized finance. Now, the SEC of Thailand wants to introduce new rules regarding cryptocurrency storage. Details in our article!

27.08.2021 News

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