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That’s Zamio — a Web3 P2P Hedge Fund.

27.12.2023 Blog

Zamio Platform Investor Report 2Q 2023: Unveiling the Future of Social Investment Indices (SoIndex)

15.09.2023 Blog

What is NFT in Art?

In crypto art, NFT is a record about the author of a digital object, as well as information about its future buyers, cost, etc. In order to acquire crypto art, there are special marketplaces, most of them are on the Ethereum blockchain.

20.04.2022 Blog

Top crypto friendly countries

If you already happen to be a crypto trader or investor, it’s important to bear some extra details in mind when it comes to getting a brand new life overseas.

14.04.2022 Blog

Best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS: iPhone, iPad

Wondering which are the best iPhone Bitcoin wallets? Download Zam Wallet and use it on your iPhone and iPad. This is a guide to iOS crypto wallet.

23.11.2021 Blog

Can I Buy Crypto With a Credit Card?

Learn how to buy crypto with credit card or debit card instantly. Zam Wallet is the best place to buy crypto currency at true cost with credit or debit cards. Buying crypto with credit or debit cards in App.

14.11.2021 Blog

The youngest crypto billionaire: Vitalik Buterin

he 27-year-old co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain and its digital cryptocurrency, Eth, Vitalik Buterin is the youngest crypto billionaire in the world.

29.10.2021 Blog

Top 5 cryptocurrency and blockchain experts

in the early 2010s, the crypto market and community were narrow and unnoticed and led by cryptographers, developers, programmers, mathematicians, and few influential figures.

27.10.2021 Blog

Top youtube channels and best resources for new crypto users

This article probably contains the most valuable information that you will ever come across in crypto. You will thank me later!

23.10.2021 Blog

Men and Women in Blockchain | Top Industry Leaders

12.10.2021 Blog

How China Influences Bitcoin Price

Since the inception of Bitcoin, China has negatively and repeatedly influenced the price of bitcoin on many different occasions. 

04.10.2021 Blog

Crypto trends 2021: NFT, DeFi, CBDC, and AI

industries today, including finance, healthcare, IT, Fintech, Retail, and many more.

27.09.2021 Blog

Millennials: the driving force of cryptocurrencies

The millennials generation, people aged 25 to 40, are currently leading the charge in investing in cryptocurrency, bringing their savings from bank accounts to Bitcoin and altcoins to ever-increasing numbers. 

20.09.2021 Blog

How to pay with bitcoin and where to spend it

mainstream year after year. The list of international companies, which accept bitcoin as a form of payment, is slowly growing.

16.09.2021 Academy

NFT Art Market: Best NFT Artists List

NFTs stands for Non Fungible Tokens, tokens that have no digital equivalence in the digital world. Each NFT represents ownership of a unique digital asset, such as a piece of artwork.

12.09.2021 Blog

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Every couple of years, sensational investigations appear, revealing the truth of the identity of Bitcoin’s father, Satoshi Nakamoto.

24.06.2021 Blog

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