15.09.2023 Blog By George Gus

Zamio Platform Investor Report 2Q 2023: Unveiling the Future of Social Investment Indices (SoIndex)

Executive Summary

The Web3 market is currently experiencing a significant crisis of underfunding, making it difficult for emerging players to compete with established giants. Zamio Platform, however, has developed a unique business model that aims to disrupt the traditional approach to index and portfolio investments. This report outlines the platform’s key features, its unique product — Social Investment Indices (SoIndex), and the company’s future plans.


For the last 1.5 years since our listing, Zamio Platform has been diligently building a CeDeFi (Centralized Decentralized Finance) infrastructure. Our focus has been on developing unique features, particularly in the form of social investment portfolios.

Developed Key Features of Zamio Platform

  • CeFi Wallet: Based on liquidity from Binance and Bybit, supporting more than 500+ top coins for deposit, withdrawal, and exchange.
  • DeFi Wallet: Supports 7 EVM networks, offering a more convenient experience than MetaMask.
  • Social Investment Indices (SoIndex): Built on proprietary algorithms and mathematics.
  • Initial Indices Offering (IIO): A new standard for launching investment assets.
  • Tokenomics: Sub-tokens for Social Investment Indices.
  • KYC Users: Ensuring compliance and security.
  • P2P Bot: For buying/selling crypto.
  • Security: Two-factor confirmation for all financial actions.
  • Server Infrastructure: Robust and scalable.
  • User Settings: Language, theme, and security options.
  • Technical Support: Comprehensive assistance for users.
  • Platform Admin Panel: For effective management.
  • Terminal for Experts: To manage indices.
  • Multi-platform Support: Web, iOS, Android.
  • Zamio dApps: Includes Launchpad, DEX Swap, Analytics, Bridge, Social Tasks.

Legal and Business Security

  • Legal structure, compliance, and regulatory documents are in place.
  • Intellectual Property registered globally.
  • Financial regulations and models developed.
  • Development and monetization strategy outlined.

The Unique Product: Social Investment Indices (SoIndex)

What is SoIndex?

SoIndex is a revolutionary approach to index and portfolio investments. It is designed to maximize ROI by eliminating the emotional factors of fear and greed that often plague investors. Each SoIndex has its own rate and a separate speculative sub-token, not linked to the index by price. This sub-token can only be bought with our native ZAM token, which has an embedded tax.

Benefits of Using SoIndex
  • One-click purchase of 10–30 top cryptocurrencies.
  • Expert management and rebalancing of the portfolio.
  • Risk and profit control by experts.
  • Time, emotion, and nerve-saving.
  • Portfolio sub-token awarded to early investors.
Technical Details
  • Proprietary Algorithms: Our SoIndex is built on proprietary algorithms and mathematical models to calculate different fortunes at different times for each investor.
  • Initial Indices Offering (IIO): A new standard for launching investment assets, where an Expert Trader or SoIndex Money Manager forms the core of each IIO.
  • Smart Contracts: Each portfolio sub-token has its own smart contract on BEP20 or Arbitrum and will be traded on the DEX in a pair only to the ZAM token.

Initial Indices Offering (IIO) Launchpad

The IIO Launchpad allows experts to present their portfolio management strategies. Investors add liquidity through USDT. Once the liquidity goal is met, the collected amount is used to buy back the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio, ensuring it is 100% secured. A sub-token is then awarded to initial investors.

Competitive Advantage

Zamio Platform offers a completely new class of assets. Unlike copy trading or traditional indices, we capitalize on the value of financial experts and provide a universal ZamWallet with a simple and intuitive interface.

ZAM Token Historical Performance and Future Outlook

The ZAM token was listed on crypto exchanges on November 2, 2021, with an initial price of $0.03. Following the listing, the token experienced a meteoric rise, reaching an all-time high (ATH) of approximately $0.80. This period of high valuation was followed by a correction phase, which saw periodic local significant price bounces.

Bear Market and Global Crisis Impact

The token was not immune to the broader market conditions. A protracted downtrend coincided with a general bear market and global crisis, leading the token to find its bottom at around $0.0017 by the end of December 2022.

Since hitting the bottom, the ZAM token has been on a consistent recovery path for over seven months. One of the notable milestones during this period was in May 2023, when the token price reached $0.014. As of the latest data, the token is accumulating around $0.0023.

Future Plans

  • Attract 100 experts to create 200–300 different SoIndices through IIO, aiming for $5 million in liquidity and a minimum of 10,000 active users.
  • We attract $2m investment for 10% equity of Zamio for strategist partners at $20m valuation on the Seed round.


Zamio Platform is poised to disrupt the traditional approach to index and portfolio investments. With our unique SoIndex and IIO Launchpad, we aim to attract liquidity and offer a new class of assets in the Web3 market. We have reinvested all the funds received from the sale of ZAM tokens ($3.7 million) back into the project, underlining our commitment to long-term success.

For a more detailed understanding of our SoIndex product, please refer to our documentation.

We invite investors to join us in this revolutionary journey.

For inquiries, please contact our Investor Relations team.

Sincerely, The Zamio Platform Team

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