07.09.2021 News By George Gus

Kaiwon Beikpur hints at imminent adoption of BTC on Twitter

Twitter plans to develop a feature that adds Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to user profiles.

In May this year, the social network released the Tip Jar feature. It enables people to support their favorite creators by sending them a tip. To send a tip, users can click on the “bank” icon, located next to the “Subscribe” button.

According to unofficial data, it will be possible to send tips in bitcoins.

This data surfaced when mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted screenshots of BTC and Ether (ETH) wallet address options in the settings toolbar of the Twitter app version. Twitter product manager Kaiwon Baikpur later retweeted Alessandro Paluzzi’s tweet adding a lightning and “soon” arrow emoji.

CEO Jack Dorsey has publicly expressed his support to the idea of ​​introducing cryptocurrencies on Twitter in the past, but Twitter has not formally confirmed releasing this feature yet.

The idea is very cool. We’ll have to wait and find out.

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