18.08.2021 News By George Gus

Kevin O’Leary to become FTX Ambassador

Shark Tank investor and judge Kevin O’Leary has decided to become an ambassador for the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. His main condition was to receive payment in cryptocurrency, as well as company shares.

The man acquired a stake in FTX.US and FTX.com, and the companies entered into a partnership agreement between them.

As reported by prnewswire. Sam Bankman-Freed, Founder and CEO of FTX, commented: “It’s great to have a real icon in our corner, and we’re thrilled to have a partner like Kevin who shares our views on the importance of regulatory compliance. As we continue to grow, we will need dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy partners like Mr. Wonderful. ”

“I’m no different. I want to grow my cryptocurrency but still fulfill my compliance obligations. When it comes to rapidly changing regulatory compliance and tax reporting requirements, the current cryptocurrency ecosystem is fraught with risks that I cannot take. To find cryptocurrency investment opportunities that meet my stringent compliance standards, I entered into this relationship with FTX, ”O’Leary said.

The man has long been concerned about compliance issues in the cryptocurrency market. He often commented on the situation on these issues. His most striking statement came in 2019: “I’m not interested in this cryptographic bullshit because it doesn’t meet the requirements.”

The investor approached his new role as an FTX spokesperson responsibly. He has already started actively promoting FTX intangible token distribution on social media.

Kevin O’Leary speaks quite vividly about cryptocurrencies. Back in January, he called Bitcoin (BTC) a “giant hamburger” and also a “bloody coin.” Since cryptocurrency is non-ecological and its production affects many areas.

But the investor, like Elon Musk, over time, nevertheless became less negative about Bitcoin. And even promised to allocate 3% of his investment portfolio to Bitcoin in March.

But the Ethereum investor, on the contrary, supports and even noted that the cryptocurrency is destined to become his “ultrasonic money”, after the merger of the chains.

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